"The level of service from Blue Horizon Tek Solutions has been excellent. Blue Horizon has by far the highest success rate in placing candidates with my organization.

Eric quickly gained an understanding of our requirements, and took the time to understand how we work. I am personally very busy and get overwhelmed by recruitment companies. Eric's organization fully understands and only presents qualified candidates.

This has led to a longstanding relationship with Blue Horizon Tek Solutions; they are always the first company I contact when I have a recruitment need."

Edward Volpe

Managing Director Infrastructure

Services Overview

"Fast Delivery of Qualified Candidates who Fit within your Budget"

Staff Augmentation-Contingency Labor

Like Cloud Computing, which provides for expansion and contraction of physical resources without the overhead associated with excess capacity, IT staff augmentation/consulting offers the same scaling capabilities by providing temporary labor for projects as they ebb and flow or ramp up and down. This approach provides management with the flexibility they need to manage budgets while delivering projects on time within scope with a mixed team of resources. Staff augmentation remains an essential part of the CIOs staffing strategy.

In addition to flexibility, consultants play a crucial role in bridging the gap between the intellectual capital on your team and what may be lacking in order to see projects to completion. Consultants bring experience and skills not present on the team and are called upon to perform knowledge transfer.

Blue Horizon maintains an extremely large database of consultants. We have invested heavily in data mining tools to provide fast access to our candidate pool reducing the time to fill for our client's. More important, Blue Horizon consistently redeploys it's consultants who met if not exceeded our client's expectations on their prior project. The success of this program eliminates the "reinventing of the wheel" methodology and it too reduces time to fill while controlling costs.

Temp to Perm (Right to Hire)

In addition to redeploying our best consultants assuring significantly better on site performance, we will, as part of our commitment to service, make these same consultants available to our clients with the right to hire full time. By giving the client the opportunity to "audition" the consultant they can determine if an individual's technical and business skills, cultural fit, and performance are suitable as a permanent employee.

In the case where there is no intention of converting the consultant from the onset of the project but due to clear performance that goes over and above expectations our clients are also extended the right to convert to full time status. Blue Horizon is a company committed to excellence and goes the extra mile to provide the best in customer service.

Direct Placement Services: - "Passive, Very Active, Semi-Active, Tip Toer, Explorer"

Our focus for direct hire placements is on Networking and Target Recruiting from non-client companies. Blue Horizon is committed to providing our clients with access to exceptional resources with relevant skills that are not easily accessible by traditional job board/internet means (a.k.a "The Passive Candidate"). This candidate pool is typically the best in their domain and would immediately have a significant impact on the success of your projects". They are often referred to as "The Higher Hanging Fruit". Our Talent Agents are a highly trained in this "old school" recruiting style while they embrace all the technology, tools and resources available to them. The BHT Program, a proprietary recruiting system, which includes Professional Career Coaching, only tugs at a prospective candidate when their goals and objectives and the client's are aligned. The system has a set of checks and balances to ensure this, avoiding wasted interview time, turndowns and counteroffer acceptances. The system ensures our clients a fill ratio is close to 100%. The BHT Program is mapped like a GPS system to the Passive Candidate. We believe it's a creative approach, innovative with demonstrative results. 

Sweet Spot Position Description:
CIO/CTO/Director of Technology
Project Managers - Technical
Program Management - PMO/PMP
Business Analysts
Application Developers
Big Data/Data Warehousing/ETL
Business Intelligence/Analytics & Web Analytics
Technical and Functional Analysts - ERP, CRM
Quality Assurance and Testing
Digital Technology - Web and Mobile
Information, Data, Solution and Enterprise Architects
UI/UX Engineers and Architects



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